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Modern tile design is about more than just the classic tile. Tiling has moved on from simple square tiles and the range of colours, textures and styles now available can create stunning effects only limited by your imagination. From the muted elegance of minimalism to the colourful pallets of glass mosaics and patterned wall tiles, it’s easy to create an extra special space with a style that is unique to you.

Experienced Wall Tilers Provide Expert Advice

With all these options, even choosing a style and colour of tile can be daunting. And that’s before you even consider whether the material the tile is made from is suitable for your particular job. An experienced wall tiler has the expertise to advise you accordingly.

Then, there’s installing the tiles—cutting them to size, choosing the right adhesive, grouting—so it’s not hard to see the benefits of hiring a professional tiler, who is a skilled tradesperson and can install beautiful tiles that will save you considerable time, effort—and money if you can’t do the job properly.

Wall Tilers Lay All Types of Wall Tiles with Ease

Wall and Floor Tilers lay ceramic, clay, slate, granite, glass tiles and other materials onto interior and exterior wall surfaces to provide protection and stylish decorative surfaces. They can do the job in half the time and with half the mess than you could.

Tiling isn’t all about function. It’s a great opportunity to get creative, and your wall tiler can help you with this, working with you to help you achieve the look you want that is functional and durable for your project.

What materials are a good option for wall tiles?

Wall tiles are available in a wide variety of materials, styles and finishes. Your chosen wall tiler will be able to help with the right choice for your tiling project but here are the most popular tile types:


Ceramic tiles are popular for tiling bathrooms and kitchens. They are durable and the range of colours and finishes complement almost any room or decorative style.


Glass tiles are reflective and can bounce light around a room—perfect for enhancing the natural light of darker rooms. Additionally, there is a side range of colour choices.


Granite tiles are hard-wearing, sleek and are a classic choice—particularly in kitchens where their style never goes out of fashion.


Limestone is suitable for all around the home, including kitchens and bathrooms. A durable choice, they are available in a range of natural colour.


Is another good choice for kitchens, although there’s nothing to say you can’t use them in bathrooms or elsewhere in the home.

Quartz and Resin

Quartz and resin tiles can create a touch of luxury at a fraction of the price of natural materials, such as granite. Available in neutral colours with the shimmer of quartz.

Tiling isn’t all about function. It’s a great opportunity to get creative, and your wall tiler can help you with this, working with you to help you achieve the look you want that is functional and durable for your project.

Can I use the same tiles for wall and floor tiling?

You can use floor tiles on walls but you can’t use wall tiles on floors. Floor tiles need to withstand a lot of pressure from heavy furniture and people walking over them. So, wall tiles tend to be thinner than wall tiles and are likely to break if installed on the floor. Another difference between wall and floor tiles is that floor tiles have a minimum friction level so they are not too slippy and safe to walk on.

As far as installing your tiles, wall tiles have to defy the forces of gravity and may be a little more difficult to install because you have to ensure that tiles stick firmly to the wall. However, because they are thinner than floor tiles they are easier to cut with snap and score tile cutters, whereas the thickness of floor tiles requires more heavy-duty machinery.

Your wall tiler will be able to install your wall tiles and provide expert advice on whether your chosen tile is suitable to be used on walls.

Can tiles be used on both external and internal walls?

Almost any type of tile can be used on both external and internal walls. However, if you do want to have tiles outside, check they are rated for outdoor use. Exterior wall tiles have to withstand harsh weather conditions that indoor tiles do not, so they need to be very resilient. Furthermore, outdoor wall tiles tend to have a natural, rugged, stony appearance, whereas indoor tiles come in a variety of finishes including smooth and glossy.

With a good-quality, long-lasting adhesive for outdoor environments, your outdoor tiles can look good for decades.

Your wall tiler can provide expert advice on which tiles to use and where.

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Tiles can provide protective and decorative finishes that last for centuries, even withstanding the ravages of volcano eruptions. Many of Pompeii’s ruins have floor mosaics still intact after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, while the oldest example of wall tiles is thought to be the Ishtar Gate – part of the City Walls of Babylon built in 575 BC.

If you’re looking to hire a wall tiler for your next home improvement project, contact our team today. With years of experience in the industry, we can help you find the perfect wall tiler to get the job done right, and we offer competitive rates that will fit into any budget. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!


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