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In need of a tiling company that offers affordable and professional tiling services across Australia? Aussie Tilers can help.

The right tile can add a touch of elegance and refinement to any room. An experienced tiler not only saves you time and energy, they also ensure all work undertaken meets stringent Australian standards.

We offer a complete service, including wall and floor tile installation and all your waterproofing requirements.

Hire a Specialist Tiler

Specialists in wall and floor tiling, bathroom tiling, kitchen tiling and patio tiling, whatever your tiling job we have the right tiler to complete your project on time with a quality finish that looks stunning.

Tilers work on all types of residential projects for homeowners, property managers and commercial clients.

When you decide to lay tiles on your walls or floors in your shower, kitchen, or even your stairs, it’s important to hire an experienced tiler for a great finish and ensure your tiles perform as they are intended.

See the Beauty of a Professional Tile Installation for your Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation

Tile installation is a process that should only be carried out by those who specialise and hold the relevant qualifications. Many people think that they can do the job themselves—and in some cases they can. However, they may not achieve the finish that comes from tiles laid professionally.

Laying wall and floor tiling is a tricky process which if not done properly can lead to further problems down the road.

Did you know that while it’s possible to use floor tiles on walls, it isn’t recommended to use wall tiles on floors? That is why it is important to hire a tiler who is knowledgeable and skilled in the process of cutting and laying new tiles, and who understands grout and waterproofing to achieve a long-lasting finish.

Tiles are the Perfect Finishing Touch for Wall and Floor Tiling Projects

It’s the little things that matter. Tiles are the perfect finishing touch that can give a bathroom or kitchen the wow factor. We believe in meticulous attention to detail and supply the right tradesman so you can be confident you won’t be disappointed by substandard workmanship.

Whether you want your old tiles removed, advice about the latest trends in tile styles and grout colours, or information about what works best for outdoor areas, our team can help you choose the perfect tile for your home—both inside and out.

Why Choose Aussie Tilers?

We're a National Company with a Local Approach

Our team of tilers have been in business for years and come highly recommended with a reputation for quality workmanship within the building industry. Some of the many benefits of choosing one of our tilers include:

Fully Qualified & Professional Tilers

As a homeowner, you know that having an outstanding tile installation can make any home look beautiful.

We have the knowledge, skills and experience required to ensure that the tile installation is carried out expertly and with the right tools and materials, such as grout, for the specific job.

Fully insured for all types of tiling work

Clients have every right to know that tilers and other trades they hire are fully insured to cover damage to their property or injuries and accidents that may occur.

Insurance is a vital part of any profession, and it is especially important for those who work in building trades.

Tilers and other tradies are constantly at risk of experiencing an accident on the job. Even if all the necessary precautions are taken, there is always the chance that something could go wrong.

That’s why it’s so important for your tiler and other tradespeople to be fully insured – as it can help to protect all parties if something does happen.

Top Quality Work Quaranteed

Do you want floors that are easy to maintain and resist stains? Do you want the job done right the first time? Do you want a tiler who offers premium quality guaranteed work?

Don’t be ripped off by cowboy builders—hire reputable tilers with a proven track record in the tiling industry.

Expert Advice for All Your Tiling Projects

All tiles are not the same and are made from a variety of materials, including ceramic, stone, terracotta, marble, slate and glass.

A professional tiler will advise you on what are the best materials for your project to provide practicality and longevity. Furthermore, with the beauty of tiles, we can assist you in creating a unique style that transforms your home.

“An experienced tiler not only saves you time, hassle and the potential for an uneven and poorly aligned finish, but can also ensure a watertight seal in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.”


Tilers are often in high demand, as their services are necessary for a wide range of renovation and construction projects.

We’re a national company that uses local tiling contractors. You can support a local business and be confident your tiling job will be completed on time and on budget by a tiler who is based nearby.

Friendly and Professional

You can be sure that you will be met with a helpful, friendly and can-do attitude when it comes to your home’s tiling.

Customer Satisfaction

Our service is personal and offers expert advice and precise tiling. We always aim to prioritise our customer’s needs, and will always leave your site clean and tidy when we’re finished.


If you need a local tiler who can lay ceramic tiles, Victorian mosaic tiles outdoors, or a bathroom and floor tiling specialist we have the expertise to help.

We believe that a tiler is more than just a tradesman, but an artist who takes pride in their work and leaves behind a legacy. It’s incredible to think that floor tiles laid many centuries ago are still intact—which is part of the beauty of well-laid tiles.

Need a Local Tiler?

If you are looking for tiling services throughout Australia, then you can trust Aussie Tilers have the right skills to supply you with a service that will deliver quality workmanship. We have a wide range of tiling services that will cater for all your needs, such as tiles for bathrooms, walls, floors, kitchen, patio, splashbacks and more. You can rely on us to supply a local tiler who is committed to delivering high standards of tiling work and superior levels of customer satisfaction.

While it is possible to lay tiles by doing it yourself, it is more cost-effective to have a professional do it. A good tiling job is one thing that can transform a room and make you say “Wow!”. Call or email us to find out more about our high-quality tiling services and how we can help you get the most out of your tiling project with our experienced local tilers.


The team at Aussie Tilers are first class tilers. Their communication was excellent and they were only too happy to answer my questions. Thanks guys, my outdoor kitchen looks fantastic.

Bob N

I contacted Aussie Tilers to help with my kitchen renovation and breathe some lift back into my tired old kitchen. They were absolutely fantastic from the quoting process all the way through to the end result. My new kitchen is everything I dreamed it could be!!!  Thanks so much!

Cheryl S

The guys at Aussie Tilers did the tiling in my elderly mother’s renovated bathroom. They were extremely professional, respectful and patient while dealing with my mother, and she just loves her new bathroom. I would recommend them most highly.

Michael A